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Khalifa Stadium - Qatar

2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium

Built in 1976 Khalifa Stadium has long been the CORNERSTONE OF THE QATAR’S SPORTING TRADITION. The stadium has been newly renovated and In May 2017 Qatar celebrated the reopening of its most beloved stadium. The stadium HOSTS 40,000 SEATS and is ready to host matches through to the quarter-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

A New Look & A New Legacy

The arena itself has undergone some changes and now boasts AN ULTRA-MODERN SHAPE and dual arches that represent continuity and embracing fans from all over the globe. Inside the stadium, all seating areas are protected from the elements by a canopy, with further CLIMATE CONTROL delivered by advanced cooling technologies. 

Innovative new technologies

Khalifa International Stadium is an open-air stadium cooled to optimal conditions, utilizing INNOVATIVE COOLING TECHNOLOGY conventional systems. The cooling system is intelligent, ENERGY EFFICIENT and can be controlled to temperatures to the optimal conditions for the amount of spectators in the venue