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Versace Tower – Beirut

Prestigious Tower

The Versace Tower a PRESTIGIOUS HIGH-RISE RESIDENTIAL BUILDING located in the center of Beirut tower RISES 30 STORIES AND HOSTING 183 LUXURY APARTMENTS as well as exclusive common areas and services. This project represents high-end luxury living borne out of the demand for a top-end designer lifestyle to appeal to discerning clientele who seek detail.

Award-Winning High Rise Tower

The luxury apartments have terraces looking for miles over the Mediterranean, the voluptuous FLOWING CURVES of building are designed to emulate waves. In 2010, the tower RECEIVED SEVERAL NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL AWARDS including the 'Bloomberg international property award' for 'best high rise architecture' and 'best interior design'.

Italian Grandeur by Versace Home

The tower is characterized completely by INTERIOR DESIGN BY VERSACE HOME. Inside the tower its all SPLENDID ITALIAN GRANDEUR, kitted out with Versace home products reflecting The Versace lifestyle in the Paris of the Middle East.